Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Individual Reflection on the role of statistics in real-life

I came across stock markets at home when my father and mother looks and speaks about it and the diagrams are always either line graphs or bar graphs. Based on my experience of Part 1 of the Maths Performance Task, i used to felt that collecting data and just inserting them into tables were very easy. But now, i know the actually truth, when collecting data, we have to be very attentive and alert as if u miss some things, the datas will all go wrong. And during collecting data, we probably would encounter some difficulties like when the place is crowded and it is very hard to collect data and when a guard comes and chase you out when you are collecting data , claiming that it is illegal and needed to leave immediately. We have to think of other ways as to how we can continue collecting data without disruption. And also, when statistics are not presented properly, it may tweak or mislead in a way that the results would go very incorrect, it will also affect the mean, median and mode calculation. Of course, there are some that are outliers.